5. Lucile! – now with Postscript

Herewith, a celebration of the passionate and refined viola da gamba playing of Lucile Boulanger. I first came across Lucile's playing in a video performance of Orlando Gibbons' Fancy for Six Viols, playing treble viol: https://youtu.be/8Ue-9-By-6Q   It's a beautiful performance by a superb group of musicians, all at the top of their game, using… Continue reading 5. Lucile! – now with Postscript

4. Viola da sgabello?

I believe sgabello is Italian for stool, at least Google Translate informs me so. Recently I've been swapping my gambas for a sgabello, purely as an experiment in holding the viol with the least amount of tension. In music, unnecessary tension is your enemy. I have tried every conceivable adjustment of angles between legs and… Continue reading 4. Viola da sgabello?

3. Gesina Liedmeier – Artistic Luthier

The art of decorating instruments of the extended viol family can be traced back at least to the 13th-century Cantigas de Santa Maria, though countered with a somewhat classical reserve during the English 17th century. There is a lot to be said of the beautiful aesthetics of a Jaye or a Rose, but sometimes the… Continue reading 3. Gesina Liedmeier – Artistic Luthier

2. Review: The New Bass Viol Technique

[The above image has been taken from the publisher's website] Having a daily routine of exercises can be beneficial only if they cover the mechanics of instrument playing in a stimulating and well-ordered way. This book has become part of my early-morning "wake up and warm up" routine, along with the Complete And Progressive Method… Continue reading 2. Review: The New Bass Viol Technique