13. Lament for a broken viol!

"Curs'd be the wretch, from whence soe'er he come; Accurs'd his eyes, but more accurs'd his bum"! Here's a very amusing poem written by a Scotsman, included in a 1760 collection of poems by "Rev. Mr Blacklock, and other Scotch Gentlemen". The author of the poem is unidentified, though is most likely Blacklock. But, lo,… Continue reading 13. Lament for a broken viol!

12. Review: Alphabet Soup by Carol Herman

Being a seasoned lute player, I have no problem reading tablature, and it was of great interest to learn that there is a fairly substantial body of viol music written in what is known as French tablature, pretty much exactly like most of the lute music I have played. But for those viol players who… Continue reading 12. Review: Alphabet Soup by Carol Herman

11. Sultana, anyone?

A couple of decades ago I recorded a CD of the Twelve Divertimentis for Guittar by James Oswald, ¬†on an original "guittar" from c.1765. The guittar was an 18th-century cittern with four double courses and two single-course basses, all wire strings. The repertoire for the guittar was a mixture of traditional music and classical works,… Continue reading 11. Sultana, anyone?

10. Review: Ut Orpheus “Complete and Progressive Method”

Italian publisher, Ut Orpheus, have fifty seven (and counting) editions of viol music from the Renaissance period through to newly-composed works from our own time. It's encouraging to see such commitment, and equally impressive is the print quality of their editions. Chief among their viola da gamba editions is the two-volume "Complete and Progressive Method… Continue reading 10. Review: Ut Orpheus “Complete and Progressive Method”