7. My Bass Viol – UPDATED

Seven string bass after Michel Collichon 69cm string length with carved lions head, made by Anthony Edge at West Dean in 1999. Figured maple back and sides, spruce top, ebony fingerboard. Bow made by Roger Rose for this viol. Anthony now lives in Penicuik near Edinburgh.

Small theorbo by Jiri Cepelak.



11 July 2019: I took my viol to the viol doctor, Thomas Munck, who worked wonders with the bridge: matching the curve to that of the nut, which made a big difference, and re-cutting the grooves to give better string spacing for the bow – now two- and three-note chords are much easier. He also lowered the action. Overall it is now easier to play. The only downside is that I am entirely responsible for all the squeaks and scrapes you will hear from now on!





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