6. Two Scottish Lute Pieces played sans bow


The world is not yet quite ready for my bow technique, but I’m working on it. In the meantime, here are two Scottish lute pieces played without the bow. I hope you like them.

A Port is a Scots Gaelic tune, port meaning air or music not danced to. It’s a kind of tuning prelude, with rising and falling octaves, and key melodic notes of the major 3rd and 5th – classic tuning prelude landmarks. It worked – see me adjust the 7th fret mid stream! Port is pronounced Porsht. Plural is Portan. There are quite a few portan in the Scottish lute repertoire.

Rhona is my daughter’s name. I often make up names for untitled pieces, and I used to play this beautiful tune to get her to sleep of an evening when she was a baby.

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