3. Gesina Liedmeier – Artistic Luthier

The art of decorating instruments of the extended viol family can be traced back at least to the 13th-century Cantigas de Santa Maria, though countered with a somewhat classical reserve during the English 17th century. There is a lot to be said of the beautiful aesthetics of a Jaye or a Rose, but sometimes the playful nature of the maker emerges. In our own time, few can do it better than Gesina Liedmeier of The Netherlands. Website: http://www.liedmeier.nl/home

Gesina is not only one of the best luthiers, she is also a player of quality, being a founder member of Spirit Of Gambo, whose recording of Jenkins’ Consort Music of Four parts won the coveted Diapason D’or. Here is the group recording some William Byrd. Gesina is second from left.


Naturally, all this perfection comes at a price, and despite shedding a tear of love, I am resigned to never being able to possess one of her beautiful instruments. It must suffice for me to know as I go about my daily life, that such a person exists in this world, utterly dedicated to beauty.

All this would matter little if the viols themselves did not sing so sweetly, yet they do that too, as you can hear in the following divine-like performance by Arnie Tanimoto playing a Plainte by Marin Marais:

Why not visit Gesina’s website? http://www.liedmeier.nl/home

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