9. My Progress – UPDATED

I will keep this post active while I add updates. Latest playing at the top of the page. September 15, 2019 https://youtu.be/kTM-CTe7SQI I've had a disruptive time over July and August, but now I should have a clear run to Christmas, and will hopefully make more progress. Yesterday I made my first public performance! It… Continue reading 9. My Progress – UPDATED

8. Robin Pharo

Another overview in my Performers series, this time a youngish player with great taste and technique, Robin Pharo. Robin is a founder member of the coolest baroque ensemble on the planet at the moment, Nevermind,  and has also been working with jazz musicians, while also being a fine composer. I first encountered his playing in the… Continue reading 8. Robin Pharo

7. My Bass Viol – UPDATED

Seven string bass after Michel Collichon 69cm string length with carved lions head, made by Anthony Edge at West Dean in 1999. Figured maple back and sides, spruce top, ebony fingerboard. Bow made by Roger Rose for this viol. Anthony now lives in Penicuik near Edinburgh. Small theorbo by Jiri Cepelak.        11 July… Continue reading 7. My Bass Viol – UPDATED

6. Two Scottish Lute Pieces played sans bow

https://youtu.be/z-F4YwMwYNs   The world is not yet quite ready for my bow technique, but I'm working on it. In the meantime, here are two Scottish lute pieces played without the bow. I hope you like them. A Port is a Scots Gaelic tune, port meaning air or music not danced to. It's a kind of… Continue reading 6. Two Scottish Lute Pieces played sans bow

5. Lucile! – now with Postscript

Herewith, a celebration of the passionate and refined viola da gamba playing of Lucile Boulanger. I first came across Lucile's playing in a video performance of Orlando Gibbons' Fancy for Six Viols, playing treble viol: https://youtu.be/8Ue-9-By-6Q   It's a beautiful performance by a superb group of musicians, all at the top of their game, using… Continue reading 5. Lucile! – now with Postscript

4. Viola da sgabello?

I believe sgabello is Italian for stool, at least Google Translate informs me so. Recently I've been swapping my gambas for a sgabello, purely as an experiment in holding the viol with the least amount of tension. In music, unnecessary tension is your enemy. I have tried every conceivable adjustment of angles between legs and… Continue reading 4. Viola da sgabello?

3. Gesina Liedmeier – Artistic Luthier

The art of decorating instruments of the extended viol family can be traced back at least to the 13th-century Cantigas de Santa Maria, though countered with a somewhat classical reserve during the English 17th century. There is a lot to be said of the beautiful aesthetics of a Jaye or a Rose, but sometimes the… Continue reading 3. Gesina Liedmeier – Artistic Luthier

2. Review: The New Bass Viol Technique

[The above image has been taken from the publisher's website] Having a daily routine of exercises can be beneficial only if they cover the mechanics of instrument playing in a stimulating and well-ordered way. This book has become part of my early-morning "wake up and warm up" routine, along with the Complete And Progressive Method… Continue reading 2. Review: The New Bass Viol Technique